Friday, February 28, 2014

Program Spotlight: AP Giannini Afterschool Learning Program

As part of Program Spotlight on SNBC’s Afterschool Program at A.P. Giannini Middle School (APG), SNBC is featuring our extraordinarily awesome B-Boy/B-Girl instructor Jeff Wong. In his own words, Jeff tells us about his experience as part of the SNBC team.

What brought you to this program? How long have you been working for SNBC?

Jeff Wong: After graduating from the University of Hawaii and being a fresh face in the "working world" I tumbled around several jobs that only served me financially and never quite fit.  Through my continuing enthusiasm for dance, one of my mentors suggested that I check out one of his old programs and lo and behold SNBC came up.  The biggest thing that drew me to this program was the fact that it would allow me to communicate the principles and life-values that I hold in high-esteem through the teachings of my utmost passion (dance).  I have since been working at SNBC for 7 months.

What is the most meaningful part of your position? What do you enjoy the most about it?

JW: The most meaningful part of my position is being able to witness and accompany students through the same emotional and integral transformations (however big or small) that I went through during my own adolescence.  Seeing students both enjoy and discipline themselves moves me and serves as proof that there can be inspiration gained and utilized through all aspects of what we do as human beings.

What do you hope kids and their families gain by participating in this program?

JW: The biggest thing that I hope to have kids and their families understand is that you can truly accomplish anything that you set your mind to and that enjoying the process of achievement is absolutely do-able as well!

Why are the services provided by this program important?

JW: SNBC and the services that it offers are incredibly essential to any/all youth because they provide venues for a vast, sea of experiences that will expose, engage, and enrich the lives of students and their families.

 If you could have any super power, what would it be?

JW: If I had a super power, it would be to bring out the utmost honest and best qualities of those around me.  

Why do you love the Sunset?

JW: I love the Sunset because the environment, kids, experiences, and FOOD is incredible!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Program Spotlight: Francis Scott Key Afterschool Learning Program

Happy 2014! SNBC gives thanks for the wonderful staff of our Afterschool Learning Program at Francis Scott Key (F.S. Key) Elementary. Ms. Donna Chan has worked with youth at F.S. Key for five years and continues to teach and inspire hundreds of kids through SNBC’s afterschool and summer programs. Thank you for your years of service in the Sunset, Ms. Donna!

Ms. Donna poses with the happy kids of F.S. Key!
SNBC: Please tell us a little about yourself.

Ms. Donna: I’ve worked at F.S. Key for about five years. I love kids and how I can have an impact on their lives.

SNBC: What brought you to this program?

Ms. Donna: I love working with the youth and families because I can give them the support they need. Working with youth is the key to success because youth and families are very important to our community.

Ms. Donna with the FSK ASLP staff several years ago
SNBC: What do you enjoy most about your work within this program?

Ms. Donna: The best part of my position is getting to spend all my time with my kids and teaching them through different activities and projects. Getting to see all the students grow.

SNBC: Why do you think this program is important?

Ms. Donna: It’s important because I want all students to feel that they’re safe and have some place to go after school. Also so all students can learn as they grow.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Program Spotlight: Robert Louis Stevenson Afterschool Learning Program

This holiday season, we give thanks for our dedicated, talented, and caring program staff! These amazing people make our programs great and our community strong. Vivian Ton is a Lead Teacher in SNBC’s Afterschool Learning Program at Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary (RLS). Vivian works with 4th graders at RLS in the afterschool hours, every day of the school year. We got a chance to catch up with Vivian this week as part of RLS Program Spotlight.

SNBC: Please tell us a little about yourself.

VT: This is my third year working with RLS and the SNBC community. Prior to this, I have volunteered at difference programs around the city. I have been a student at SFSU for the last three years as well and am continuing my studies to become a teacher.

SNBC: What brought you to this program?

VT: I am actually an alumna to RLS and volunteered in the afterschool program while in high school. I was offered a position when I graduated high school and have been working here ever since. 

SNBC: What do you enjoy most about your work within this program?

VT: Teaching the kids new things and seeing them understand them and having fun is truly the most meaningful part of this job. I really enjoy spending time with these kids. They always make me smile J

SNBC: Why do you think this program is important?

VT: Without this afterschool program, many of these students would not have grown academically and mentally like they have since being here. Afterschool programs really allow kids to deepen their learning skills and allow them to have a place to grow and develop even more.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Program Spotlight: Sunset Family Resource Collaborative

Cheryl Lou of the Sunset Family Resource Collaborative sat down with Fu Bong Li, a grandfather who brings his granddaughter to the SFRC’s Early Literacy classes every week. Cheryl chatted with Mr. Li about his experience with the SFRC and translated for the SNBC blog.

SNBC: Tell us a little about yourself and your family.

FBL: I moved to San Francisco from China in July of 1999. I have two granddaughters that I care for. One is now four years old and in preschool, the other is 2 years old and attends classes at the SFRC. My older granddaughter also attended classes at the SFRC before she started preschool.

SNBC: What brought you to this program? How did you find out about it?

FBL: I noticed kids playing at West Sunset Rec Connect while I was going to the Ortega Branch Library, and found out there were free classes offered for toddlers and their parents or grandparents through the SFRC. I started bringing my older granddaughter to the SFRC when she was 2 years old.

SNBC: What do you like most about this program? What do you and your grandchild gain from taking classes here?

FBL: The programs offered by the SFRC provide a great outlet for me to spend time with other families in the community. Through the Early Literacy classes here, my granddaughter is understanding and speaking more English, learning to sing songs, and getting to make crafts.

SNBC: Why are the services provided by the SFRC important?

FBL: These services make it so new immigrants have more opportunities to learn things about the United States’ culture. The classes here give kids a chance to learn and play.

SNBC: What do you like to do with your grandchildren in your spare time?

FBL: I like to take walks through Golden Gate Park in the morning.